Inspired by the essence and
purity of the unscathed Greek
land, we stand aside the small
independent producer to source
only the finest select Greek
products of pristine quality.
After an inspirational visit at Ancient Olympia during the spring of 2015, a group of passionate German travellers decided to share their experience with folks back home. Initially distributed as a corporate gift box set for the German market, PLINTHOS FINEST aspires to bring the gifts of the Greek Land to the farthest corners of the world.
Virgin Olive Oil
- premium select -
Olive Oil - our core product - is the pedestal upon which the Mediterranean diet is built. Embark upon an exclusive culinary journey through the luscious aromas and flavours of the Greek land with PLINTHOS.
Sourced every year
from selected local
PLINTHOS Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted from the renowned ‘Koroneiki’ variety olives, cultivated in the wider area of the Western Peloponnese.
The area’s ideal climate conditions are crucial to the growth of healthy olives that in turn give the olive oil it’s exceptional characteristics.
The olives are early harvested and milled on the same day, ensuring the freshness and robustness of the olive oil.
Our name PLINTHOS, the ancient greek word for a building unit made of soil (essentially a brick), highlights the inextricable connection between the earthy Mediterranean Greek landscape and its distinctive produce.